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BiSL as driver for innovating business information management in the Dutch police organization(s)

Posted by IV experts

Information is vital for police work. Information is gathered during crime investigations, it is used to determine where and when police are needed and information is used to be able to take appropriate actions in encountering situations or people. 20 years ago, within the police there was hardly any management attention for information and information systems, whereas nowadays information is regarded more and more as a primary production factor. 

Een whitepaper van Frank van Outvorst en Lex Scholten namens de ASL/BiSL Foundation.

Like many other non-police organizations Dutch police face the challenge of aligning and concentrating their organization. Police was in need of a shared approach to handling information issues. BiSL®1 (Business Information Services Library), the framework for business information management, turned out to be a valuable instrument for this transformation.