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ASL® and BiSL® in an AGILE environment

Posted by IV experts

When starting an agile way of working in an organization it turns out that there is little information about connecting agile to traditional departments that use ASL, BiSL and/or ITIL. This ambiguity concerns the organization itself and the roles involved. In this white paper we mapped ASL and BiSL processes to agile principles and the other way around. This may seem to be in conflict, but it revealed the gaps, the overlap and the possible areas where they can strengthen each other.

Een (Engelstalig) whitepaper uit juli 2015 van Jeroen Venneman, Jan de Vries and Jan Leen van Duijn namens de ASL/BiSL Foundation.

The goal of this article is to describe the main purposes of ASL, BiSL and Agile and how the three make a perfect match to do your application management and business information management.